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“12 years later, over 65 pounds lost, I can honestly say Susan helped to change my life. Even in tough times when I’ve fallen into some old habits, she never judged, only encouraged me to keep pushing forward. If you’re looking to tweak not only your diet but also your lifestyle, I highly recommend you give her a chance. Tell her Brian F. sent you. You won’t be disappointed.”

— Brian Fink

“Susan is an exceptional nutritionist who has helped me change my lifestyle, lose weight and keep it off. She listens actively and provides excellent guidance to help me make better choices. She continually does research to help me understand the latest information on nutrition. She’s available and accessible for all questions anytime. I don’t know where I would be without her.

— Robin Agranoff

“As a physical therapist, I am often working with many individuals that need collaboration with their diet and well-being. Susan has so many skills that address the whole person. I have her book in my lobby, refer to her often, and love her blog. Susan empowers people to take better care of themselves. You should seek her out she won’t disappoint.

— Stacy Barrows, PT, DPT, GCFP, PMA?-CPY

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Susan is the “go-to” MI resource in Los Angeles and we’re all better for it. I needed local MI training to incorporate into a gang intervention program and was pleased to find that Susan offered this training. While attending the introductory class, I was thrilled with the depth of her knowledge and experience. She delivered the information with a warm and gentle spirit — something Susan would call the MI spirit. I was so pleased with the training, I was inspired to attend the intermediate and advanced workshops, all equally excellent. I was able to immediately incorporate the MI training into my psychotherapy practice, not just my work in gang intervention. This has been a powerful and effective tool that has provided value beyond expectations.”

— Bryan Nichols, Ph.D.

“Susan provided a training atmosphere that felt comfortable, challenging and affirming all at the same time. I have taught Motivational Interviewing for ten years but was behind in the newest techniques. The way she taught these strategies and techniques drastically increased my learning, helped me to challenge my thinking and skills and truly took me to the next level. She was honest, caring and compassionate. She embodied the skills we were learning while she taught them. I was never bored, the time flew and I am ever so thankful for Susan and the entire experience.”

— Stephanie E. Rudd, MSSA, LCSW, LCAC
Assistant Professor
University of Indianapolis
Phylis Lan Lin Department of Social Work

Susan Dopart is an engaging speaker who models Motivational Interviewing in every moment of her seminars, and truly embodies the Spirit of MI. Susan’s dedication to MI is apparent in the first moments that you meet her, and her passion for the subject is contagious! Her workshops immerse participants in hands-on practical MI skills that can be applied the next day. I have gained so much from her seminars, and I am excited for the next one.”

— Renee McNally
Health Care Services Trainer
SCAN Health Plan