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Healthy You, Healthy Baby : A Mother’s Guide to Gestational Diabetes by Susan B. Dopart, MS, RD, CDE [PDF, digital download]

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Healthy You, Healthy Baby:  A Mother's Guide to Gestational Diabetes

Susan's second book has arrived - a cutting edge guide for women with gestational diabetes.

Susan is taking orders for Healthy You, Healthy Baby:  A mother's guide to gestational diabetes.  Email her if you are interested in getting a copy or use the add to cart below. How to eat, and change your lifestyle to effectively manage your blood sugars without medications.

Here's what professionals are saying about this book:

This book is truly a gem and I wish all pregnant women could have a copy! Susan B. Dopart has written a book that contains all the latest information to help women with gestational diabetes. It dispels fear, informs with the most current research and encourages women to take charge of their health through good nutrition and exercise. It is simple, concise and empowering and will set those who read it on a course for good health for the rest of their lives.

Deborah Frank, CNM Midwife, Beverly Hills, California

Drawing from vast bodies of clinical, epidemiological, endocrinology and nutrition biochemistry literature, Susan B. Dopart clearly explains the causes and consequences of gestational diabetes and what expectant mothers can do to promote better pregnancy and neonatal health outcomes. Her prose is illuminating, jargon-free and comprehensive. By making the underlying science more accessible, she educates and motivates positive lifestyle changes from a solid foundation of clinical knowledge and research.

Michelle A. Williams, ScD

Professor and Chair, Department of Epidemiology

Harvard School of Public Health


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