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Having a hard time finding an MI training in your area that doesn’t require too much time or travel?

These virtual workshops only require you have a computer to log in to to see the information and videos and be able to remotely have conversations with those at the workshop. 

Introductory 4 Hour Training

This  introductory workshop is packed with powerful information that will introduce you to the skills and language of Motivational Interviewing and cover:

  • Introduction to the 4 Processes of MI: Engagement, Focusing, Evoking and Planning
  • Recognizing “change talk” versus “sustain talk” or “discord” – the 3 types of “talk” in MI
  • Creating the working alliance with clients to help with behavior change and retention
  • Changing the “righting reflex” to skillful advice giving – the skill of Elicit-Provide-Elicit
  • Recognizing practitioner traps that lower motivation in clients
  • Introduction to the “micro-skills” of MI:  Open-ended questions, affirmations, reflections and summaries
  • Generating conversations that have equal partnership, cultivate change talk, and soften sustain talk – the spirit and foundation of MI
  • The 3 key components of mindfulness in the virtual world

Intermediate 4 Hour Training

This intermediate workshop is packed with powerful information that will build upon the introduction to the skills and language of Motivational Interviewing and cover:

  • Advancing the 4 Processes of MI: Engagement, Focusing, Evoking and Planning
  • How to explore and resolve ambivalence with behavior change and pull for a client’s values
  • How to pull for “change talk” versus “sustain talk” or “discord” as a key indicator of movement towards change
  • Introduction to the key components of helping behavior change – accurate empathy, genuineness and evoking
  • Advancing your “micro-skills” of MI:  Open-ended questions, affirmations, reflections and summaries
  • Advanced exercises to further your use of affirmations and complex reflections
  • Practicing conversations that have equal partnership, cultivate change talk, and soften sustain talk
  • Introduction to the MITI 4.2.1 coding system to allow for increased learning of MI

Advanced 4 Hour Training

This advanced workshop is packed with powerful information that will advance your skills of  Motivational Interviewing and cover:

  • Advancing the 4 Processes of MI: Engagement, Focusing, Evoking and Planning
  • Advanced exercises to use the evoking component of MI to pull for “change talk”
  • Advancing your “micro-skills” of MI:  Open-ended questions, affirmations, reflections and summaries
  • Advanced exercises to further your use of affirmations and complex reflections
  • Generating conversations that help clients think motivationally – evoking importance and motivation towards desired change
  • Using the MITI 4.2.1 coding system to advance the skills of MI
  • Supporting autonomy with the spirit of MI and the self-determination theory (STD)


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“As a professional, I have attended many training in hopes to learn things that I can apply right in to my practice. In my experience, most trainings have left me with an overview or theory without any type of practical helps. Susan’s training provided me real-life examples that I can take away and apply today with my patients while giving me skills I can use not only professionally but also personally!”

Emily Weber, LCSW, CADC
Outpatient Behavioral Health Manager

Amita Health

“This MI training has been tremendously supportive to my private practice. I consider Susan’s MI training course essential to counselors, teachers and dietitians like myself. I attended a virtual training which was very interactive and well organized. It was an absolute pleasure to attend as I feel like I was able to quickly acquire skills to support my clients and patients with change. More so, what I learned from the MI training will help me in my conversations by discarding my agenda and instead use MI language to facilitate discussions that unlock someone’s else’s motivations. Thank you Susan!”

Kate Berger, RDN
Private Practice

“The workshop today was one of the best professional development workshops I’ve attended in my career. The aspects I liked most about the training were the real skills and examples that were offered, as well as the opportunity to learn about a new field of research (which is very actionable) around behavior change.  I was able to start using the skills immediately with some interesting and positive outcomes!”

Gayathri Badrinath
Founder & CEO, Devyn, Inc.


“Susan is an effective trainer and an excellent communicator.  The trainings she conducted for us were geared to the specific needs of our staff.  She is compassionate and an excellent listener.  Staff were quite impressed with her preparation and knowledge on the topic of Motivational Interviewing.  She provided wonderful examples which were pertinent to their job descriptions.  Staff were able to participate and discuss what they learned after the training and felt quite engaged and heard.  Susan is an expert and one who truly listened to our organization’s needs and catered to our all our wants and desires for a training!”

Mimi Gardner, LCSW
Chief Behavioral Health and Addictions Officer
HealthLinc, Valparaiso, Indiana 


” Susan masterfully engages participants with her MI expertise and passion. I have had the pleasure of attending both in person and virtual sessions of her M.I. training and the execution of information in both formats is flawless. She knows how to teach at the participants’ pace yet successfully navigate through the needed material. I would recommend her virtual sessions to anyone looking to expand in the world of Motivational Interviewing.”

                                                                                                                                                                                Patrick Flippin-Weston, BA, Training Coordinator         
Department Public Health Coordinator, LA Best Babies Network


“Susan is not only an expert MI practitioner, but she is also a first-rate trainer and communicator. It is clear that she has found her life calling, and I am truly thankful to be one recipient of her gift! Susan took me through square one of MI, and built layer upon layer upon it – training rather than teaching – which left me with confidence to use my new skills. And my clients and I have loved this new approach! I can never go back, and I have Susan to thank 100%. I could not recommend her training more highly.”

Allison Willis, MS, RDN/LDN 

“My team recently attended several Motivational Interviewing trainings with Susan Dopart.  We were skeptical at first since classes were done via Zoom but were pleasantly surprised at how fantastic the classes were. Susan embodies the MI spirit and class attendees immediately feel welcomed. Her courses offers a perfect mix of instruction, interaction, and videos to emphasize points that have been made, and time to practice. Susan even created games to help attendees learn in a more interactive fashion. 

 Our team had already taken an “in-person” trainings, but after taking Susan’s Zoom training they felt better prepared to begin using MI on our project.  I highly recommend Susan’s MI training to anyone wanting to use MI in their practice.”

 Elizabeth H. Tilley, PhD, Program Manager, Teen Options to Prevent Pregnancy (T.O.P.P.) New York City Health + Hospital system

“I have had the pleasure of attending Susan’s in person MI Trainings for the past two years and now her virtual trainings she has graciously done for our groups for the past couple of weeks. There is no denying that Susan has the knowledge, adaptability and passion for MI that she prides herself in sharing with our staff every training. Seeing her adjust the trainings activities and material to the specific groups she trains is definitely inspiring to witness. She resonates her extensive knowledge and love for the language in her trainings that are greatly appreciated and never goes unnoticed by the participants. We are very lucky to continue to have her as our MI trainer, and we highly recommend her for anyone who wants to learn more about the language of MI.”

 Terrie-May A. Anciano, BS, Public Health Research Associate & Training Coordinator
LA Best Babies Network  


“The online MI training was more interactive than any other online training I’ve taken in the past. Susan has put together a great set of activities that really help put the skills of MI into practice. I felt more confident with my coaching skills immediately after the training and now know what I can do to continue progressing in MI skills. The training was non-intimidating and very helpful especially for my health-coaching field of work as a Dietitian. I was very pleased to learn about M.I. with nutrition and exercise-relevant discussion examples. “

NARA Indian Health Clinic

“I have taken all 3 MI classes virtually with Susan.  She masterfully delivered each class using the technology in a way that balanced lecture with discussion and 1:1 exercises. Questions were always welcome. The result was a very strong value proposition for maximizing learning time with other priorities. I will take any class that Susan delivers!”

Shari Palmateer, Certified Health and Wellness Coach

“Susan’s virtual training helps you enmesh yourself into the practice and spirit of MI. It’s a great way to develop your mindset and skills for those who can’t attend a live workshop.”

Guillermo Munoz, Health and Fitness Coach

“I’ve taken two virtual MI trainings with Susan and I cannot recommend them enough. She is incredibly knowledgeable in the field of MI and provides real-time feedback that I was able to implement with clients immediately. Prior to the trainings, she sent pre-work that helped to make the most of our time and afterwards, she sent useful follow-up materials that supported deeper learning, which I refer to often. If you are looking to expand your skills in MI, take one of Susan?s trainings!”

Amy Clark, NBC-HWC

“Susan’s virtual MI training is a great introduction to the Spirit of MI. The virtual training made it possible to learn and practice which gave me the confidence I needed to use MI with my clients. I have attended Susan’s virtual training programs multiple times as there is always so much to learn!”

Lisa Dahl, Health Life Coach

Upcoming Virtual Workshops:

**Please note that since this workshop is not a webinar it is 1 person per registration. You will need a computer with web cam in order to participate and be put in virtual breakout rooms for exercises during the training.


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