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Training Internal Champions in MI:  “Train the Trainer”

What steps are necessary to become a strong effective MI Trainer or Instructor?

How do you envision the process of achieving these goals? What is your own story in wanting to become an MI trainer?

Becoming a member of MINT has become more challenging over the last 5 years and learning how to successfully navigate the MI world requires patience, dedication to learning the language of MI.

You may know the theory and principles of MI but how do you harness the spirit and find the balance to be an effective trainer? How do you have the confidence to teach the language of MI and create trainings that truly create impact?

This workshop is designed for those who have had at least 4 days of MI training and desire more advanced proficiency in using MI. It is an opportunity for more practice of MI exercises and feedback. 

And for organizations to be MI based, internal champions are the heroes of MI. Through this training your champions will have a comprehensive base to continue internal growth and learning.

Susan Dopart will be co-training these workshops with Margo Bristow.

What we cover in these trainings:

  1. Overall of MI basics and what is means to model to and for learners
  2. Focus on the competency-based trainer and working towards proficiency
  3. How to be able to apply teaching methodology through practice and training on specific exercises
  4. MITI 4.2.1 Coding, the coding system designed to help learners develop proficiency in MI
  5. Adult Learning Theory 

2024 Dates all Fridays from 8:30-12:30 Pacific Time.

Next Training Dates:

Friday July 12th

Friday July 19th

Friday August 2nd

Friday August 9th

Friday August 23rd

If you desire attending this training or send employees from your organization please email Susan for pricing.


“Susan’s advanced MI training inspired my practice through her attentive guidance, fun and diverse exercises, and insightful perspectives. In addition, her on-point coaching style and fine-tuned coding skills have been invaluable to me both as a practitioner and MI trainer. Our collaborations have encouraged me to stretch beyond my limits, creating a forum for deep discussion, and preparing me for the MINT TNT. As a trainer, coach, and human being, Susan Dopart lives and breathes MI Spirit.”  Joe Simmons, MI Trainer, New York